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So here’s how it all happened..

I returned to fishing in my thirties. My friend Andy Horner (who features prominently on the coarse films) told me it had all changed since my childhood and took me to Lindholme Lakes. I was on a sheltered corner out of the wind. No peg, just the rats and me with a borrowed rod and a waggler float pulling out lump after lump of excellent carp! It was a truly great day and I am eternally grateful to Andy for taking me and reinvigorating my fishing juices.

Later Andy lent me some fishing videos and I was struck by how rubbish they were. A few beers in the pub and we decided we could make something equally rubbish ourselves. This was before the tech world as we know it today. I sold my motorbike and bought a Canon xl1s (the number one choice of video camera in the porn industry), a couple of radio mics and off we went around the fisheries.

We made a preview DVD on 4 local venues to show to Jim Baxter of the Angling Star paper who though it was worth a go. That preview was awesome and was what we really wanted to produce but alas copyright bollocks around the music choices meant it would never see light of day.

Bankside Vol 1 was rushed out and suffered from it. Bankside 2 was looking more like what was originally planned with loads of info on it and then Bankside 3 took everything to a different level and we were finally selling some.

I should point out that from buying a video camera, to producing Bankside 3 and selling films all around the world, I had only used the thing a dozen times which is pretty good going. It’s an ingrained northern punk ethic I think. Learn by doing, not by learning. Finishing the recording is just the start, then its editing, record some music, cover design and printing, websites, packaging and posting! A time consuming job for one.

Bankside 3 (Three flies and the river Don) changed everything. We were the first to package everything you needed to know to fly fish small rivers on one DVD and were immensely proud of the reviews we got from serious magazines on game fishing. In those early days eBay was a major help to independent film makers offering a global market instantly at relatively low cost for high product placement. This DVD sold in 19 EU countries as well as Oz and USA for which we had to produce an NTSC version.

Deadly Patterns 1,2 and 3 were next. One was a little shaky but they’re all full of great content. All great fish catching flies and once again superbly well presented by Mr Paul Sissons.

By the time we had packaged all these together it felt like the company was gaining a bit of momentum. The sales weren’t life changing but they were steady. Alas the planned fly fishing film on reservoir fishing was never to be finished. Paul still has the footage but there are large sections still not filmed.

The next videos were to be a departure from angling and would grind the business to a complete halt for over four years. By the time our ‘new’ 4:3 standard definition films were finished the world had gone widescreen HD, the whole media side was transitioning to streaming and I had completely had enough of wading through hundreds of hours of useless footage.

I returned full time to the fascinating world of domestic electrics.

There still remain two fly fishing films that I would really like to make. Two great subjects that are crying out to be covered, but sat here more than fifteen years on from our original fishing adventures, have still not been made by so the called ‘professional’ production companies. And lets not forget the tin pot production companies who ran out of ‘new’ ideas when I stopped making films (I believe one of them is currently the only film production company in Britain that solely sell fly tying materials. Haha! Hilarious. FishOff i think haha!!).

So please do enjoy our humble offerings of bygone days on the river banks with some rather great people who gave their time, knowledge and enthusiasm entirely for free.


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